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Opportunities around nomad visas and data lakehouses

Hey all,

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With that, let’s get started with this week’s finds.

💎 r/PhotoshopRequests

Subscriber growth of r/PhotoshopRequests

The subreddit r/PhotoshopRequests is dedicated to photo editing and graphic design requests. Members submit requests to edit their photos or designs, and artists submit their work. The artist's work is usually watermarked, and if the person who submitted the request is willing to buy it, they pay the artist. It’s kind of like 99designs for photo editing.


  • Challenges and Contests: One could organize monthly or weekly challenges where editors can showcase their skills, and users can vote on their favorite edits. This could also include some reward system to boost the editor's status, like badges, titles, etc. (kind of like what Stackoverflow does). This could be monetized through entry fees or sponsorships.

  • Platform for Photoshop Requests: This is an obvious one, but someone could create a platform specifically tailored for photo editing and design requests, basically unbundling r/PhotoshopRequests. The platform can have more streamlined processes for submitting requests, viewing watermarked results, making payments, reviewing editors, and so on.

  • Focus in specific verticals with Real Estate Agents or E-commerce: One could offer photo editing services focused on verticals like Real Estate or E-commerce. The service could obviously leverage AI, but not solely rely on AI. Most AI tools I see out there provide okay results in image generation, but for RE or E-com the quality often isn’t good enough yet. So you could offer cheaper services than a traditional editing service but with higher quality than an AI tool.

💡Interesting things I found this week

SaaSfyi — a database of 24k+ software products that includes data on pricing, web traffic, and employees. It’s a project I built over the past few weeks.

r/IsMyPokemonCardFake/ some weeks ago I wrote about Pokeinvesting. Funny to see this Subreddit pop up now.

Opensource alternative to GPT-4 with the same performance but 30x cheaper.

Funny simulation of how much Bezos, Musk, etc. earn per second, compared to other income groups.

💎 Nomad Visa

Google search interest for “nomad visa”

The "nomad visa" is a new type of visa introduced by some countries to cater to the growing population of digital nomads. These visas allow remote workers to legally reside in a country for an extended period, typically longer than what a tourist visa would permit. By offering nomad visas, countries aim to boost their local economies through increased consumption and rental incomes. The visa not only benefits countries but also allows digital nomads to immerse themselves in new cultures and enjoy a flexible lifestyle while maintaining their professional commitments.


  • Tax and Financial Consultancy: The tax situation for digital nomads is often quite complex, as they often earn in one country and spend in another. One could help connect digital nomads with tax consultancies who specialize in such services. Alternatively, one could offer those services oneself.

  • Nomad Visa Consultancy: One could offer services to help digital nomads navigate the visa application process, understand the requirements, and ensure they have all the necessary documentation. One example of this is rebase which helps digital nomads get residency in Portugal.

💎 Data Lakehouse

Google search interest for “data lakehouse”


  • Lakehouse Boilerplates: It’s a lot of work setting up data lakehouses in the cloud. AWS and other cloud providers are super complex. One could help by developing lakehouse boilerplates and either selling them or setting them up for companies. One could also niche down and focus on specific industries (e.g., finance, e-commerce, media, etc.).

  • Lakehouse Training and Certification: Many companies want to implement a lakehouse architecture, but don’t have the necessary expertise to do so. Hiring an agency or consultancy can get quite expensive. As an alternative, one could offer courses, workshops, and certifications for developers or data scientists to setup the data lakehouses for their companies.

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